New College offers short, intensive programs to gain certification in career-related skills.


Interested in a career in business or the financial markets? Now is the most interesting time to explore the rapidly changing economy and demonstrate your superior industry knowledge by adding this certificate on your curriculum vitae or LinkedIn profile.

彭博市场概念(BMC), 也被称为彭博认证, is a self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to financial markets and the core functionality of the Bloomberg terminal.  It takes about 8 hours to complete and after finishing Bloomberg provides a “Certificate of Completion”.  该计划包括3部分-核心概念, getting st艺术ed on the terminal and portfolio management.  The sections are woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and television.


  • Economic Indicators: The primacy of Gross Domestic Product, (GDP)监测GDP, 预测GDP.
  • Currencies: currency market mechanics; currency valuation; central banks and currencies; currency risk.
  • 固定收益:债券市场的根基, bond valuation drivers; central bankers and interest rates; the yield curve and why it matters; movements in the yield curve.
  • Equities: introducing the stock market; the nature of equities; equity research; absolute valuation; relative valuation.
  • Getting St艺术ed on the Terminal: Using the terminal; analyzing the market; exploring the equity market; discovering the fixed income market; building an equity portfolio.
  • Portfolio Management: A module focused on the portfolio command as a screening tool to analyze historical returns and risk metrics.

了解更多网赌平台网站业务的信息 & 金融学认证项目联系教授 雪莉余

New College has secured an official university affiliation with the 特许金融分析师 (CFA) Institute, which allows students the opportunity to study from and take the CFA certification exam. The CFA is a professional association for investment management professionals. It has the highest level of international legal and regulatory recognition of finance-related qualifications. The CFA provides a curriculum for candidates to get certified, 哪些可以进一步确认候选人的资历. CFA Level 1 specifically certifies a candidate’s entry-level abilities to work in the financial analysis field. The CFA affiliation provides New College students free access to all three levels of the CFA Program curriculum eBook, 每个级别的样题, a complimentary online subscription to the Financial Analysts Journal, as well as an invitation to the CFA Tampa Bay seminars and events. New College will also receive an annual scholarship that will allow three fourth-year students from any discipline to take the exam.

了解更多网赌平台网站业务的信息 & 金融学认证项目联系教授 雪莉余


地理信息系统 (GIS) are powerful tools for multiple real-world applications in professional and academic disciplines. The 网赌平台网站 GIS Certificate provides a pathway of courses and academic opportunities for students to acquire the necessary skills to be proficient in GIS. 成功完成所有要求后, a student will be able to: Collect and analyze geolocated data, 探索本地和在线数据集和地图, 然后设计, 创建, 并分享与他们的研究或兴趣相关的地图.

This certificate program is unique in that it specifically supports students in earning professionally credentialed GIS certificates. Employers and graduate schools are constantly recruiting students with a solid background in GIS analysis, p艺术icularly those students with a certification of proficiency. The “Bureau of Workforce Statistics and Economic Research” predicts employment growth in Florida (between the years of 2018 to 2026) of about 10% or higher for occupations related to GIS. 地理信息系统的一些应用包括:

  • 环境问题(e).g., 城市研究, 管理和保护自然资源, 风险评估, 环境影响)
  • 社会科学(e).g., human population studies, migration, political science)
  • 人类健康(e).g., diseases surveillance, risk factors, health landscape)

For more information on our GIS Certification Progam contact Professor Gerardo Toro-Farmer.

The Certificate program in 创新的数字媒体 develops student competence and connectedness to digital culture and technology by moving students from the role of consumer to active p艺术icipant, 从积极参与者到创新者. The Certificate is a credential that indicates students have gained a high degree of technological competence, 意识, 展示了创造力. The Certificate will capture existing efforts working in digital technology across disciplines, and 创建 pathways for students to demonstrate their projects and accomplishments in those areas. Many such projects will be efforts that include faculty, students, and staff together. Examples of work that may be undertaken in this Certificate include, 但不限于, 生产:

  • 媒体
  • 视频
  • 播客
  • code
  • 艺术
  • 软件
  • 良好的设施
  • 互动的平台
  • 公共活动

学生 who gain experiences through such projects will emerge from the Certificate with a portfolio of work that will demonstrate a high level of achievement to potential employers. Certificate students will be able to work collaboratively, 用技术创造性地解决问题, and adapt quickly to the changing nature of real-world situations that involve technological 媒体tion, 拥抱他们作为数字创新者的角色.

For more information on our 创新的数字媒体 Certificate contact Professor 瑞安Buyssens.